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【Chemical Name】2-Methyl-2-Butanol
【Synonym】Tert- Amyl Alcohol (2-Methyl-2-Butanol); tert-Pentanol; 2-Butanol, 2-Methyl; Ethyl Dimethyl Carbinol; 3-Methylbutan-3-ol; Amylene Hydrate, 2-methyl-2-butanol
【CAS No】75-85-4
【Molecular Formula】C5H12O           
Molecular Weight】88.15
【Structural Formula】

【Properties】Colorless volatile liquid. with camphorated irritating odor, Density D420 : 0.8084, MP:-11.9℃, BP:102℃, Refractive Index nD20 :1.4052,FP:20 ℃ . Soluble in water,  benzene, ethanol, chloroform, glycerol and miscible in petroleum. Combustible and toxic.
【Specification≥98% (GC)
【Packing】Filled in sealed metal barrel ,160kg/barrel.
【Storage&Transportation】Sealed package and stored in ventilated, dry and explosive-proof place, protected from collision and against sunshine and rain.
【Usage】Used in synthetizing of synthetic musk, perfume and pesticide, as well as intermediate in organic synthetizing. Used also as solvent, plasticizer in producing of chemical medicine, colorant of colour film and floatation agent of non-metal.

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