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【Chemical Name】2-Methyl-3-Butyn-2-ol
【CAS No】115-19-5
【Molecular Formula】C5H8O           
【Molecular Weight】84.12
【Structural Formula】

【Properties】Transparent, volatile, liquid. with peculiar irritating odor. MP: 2.6℃,BP: 103.6℃,FP: 25℃, Density D420 : 0.8672, Refractive Index nD20 : 1.4209. combustive. miscible with water, benzene, ether and trichloromethane etc.
【Specification≥98% (GC)
【Packing】Filled in sealed metal barrel ,160kg/barrel.
【Storage&Transportation】Sealed package and stored in ventilated, dry and explosive-proof place, protected from collision and against sunshine and rain.
【Usage】Used as intermediate material in synthetizing of pesticide and medicine, of terpenic perfume, and in suppressor of acid corrosion-inhibiting, viscosity or chlorinated aromatics stabilizer, brightener in nickel- or copper-plating, as well as antipolymerizer in appending reaction of hydrosilicons by platinum catalyzing process,etc.


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